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Assessment and Capacity Building in Chemicals and Chemicals Waste Management in Egypt- Quick Start Project

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The Project is implemented by the Ministry of Trade and Industry and Egypt National Cleaner Production Centre (Leading) in Close cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) (Supporting partner) and SAICM (Strategic Approach for International Chemicals Management / Quick Start Program (QSP) Trust Fund - United Nations Environment Programme (Supporting partner). In addition to local partners as follows:  cooperation and coordination with the following local stakeholders (Sub-contractors):

  • Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA)- Chemical and Hazardous Material Department 

  • Federation of Egyptian Industry (FEI)- Chemical Chamber

  • Basel Convention Regional Centre in Cairo

Objective of Project:

The project will contribute to assist the Egyptian government to cope with the international agreements related to chemicals management (e.g. SAICM, Rotterdam, Basel and Stockholm conventions) and implement the Egyptian national plan on chemicals management. In this context, the project is aiming at preparing an inventory for what types and quantities of chemicals and chemicals waste in Egypt with special focus on 6th October and Sadat City as a scope for the project and also identifying options for their sustainable management and best available technologies for reuse, recycling or recovery of chemicals waste.

Project Activities:

  • Assessing the existing situation in the management of chemicals and chemical waste in Egypt with specific reference to companies in 6th October and Sadat City.

  • Developing guidelines for the sound management of chemicals waste, that take into account the concept of cleaner production

  • Building capacity of local experts for the implementation of sound management of chemical waste management

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