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Green Growth: Industrial Waste Management and SME Entrepreneurship Hub in Egypt

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About The Project

Project Donor: funded by the MENA Transition Fund, through the African Development Bank (AfDB) as an Implementing Support Agency (ISA).

Project Partners:

  • 10th of Ramadan Investors Association

  • 6th of October Investors Association

  •  Cleaner Production Center – South Africa

  • Waste Management Regulatory Agency (WMRA)

Implementing Agency: the Egyptian National Clean Production Center (ENCPC), affiliated to The Industrial Council for Technology and Innovation - Ministry of Trade and Industry through

Project Duration (Start and End Date): July 2014 - September 2017

Project Components

Component 1: Mapping of the industrial waste at the enterprise level in the selected Industrial zones

Component 2: Developing Policy recommendations towards an enabling environment for Industrial waste exchange in Egypt

Component 3: Raising Awareness and Capacity Building of Stakeholders on IWEX Programme

Component 4: Implementation of demonstration projects for Industrial waste management in selected Industrial zones


Project Objectives:

The project’s objective is to develop a sustainable and integrated industrial waste exchange system in a selected pilot area to be positioned as a Green Entrepreneurship Hub, linking industrial wastes generators, potential users and recyclers to improve cross-industry resource efficiency, promote the development of new innovative SMEs, create green job opportunities, reduce the environmental impact of industrial waste and improve the lives of Egyptian citizens.

The project addresses the lack of an effective industrial waste management system in Egypt which is essential for realizing the potential of the Egyptian industrial sector as a major contributor to sustainable economic growth.


TO ESTABLISH àA sustainable national industrial waste exchange system in Egypt

TO CREATE àA Green Entrepreneurship Hub introducing green job opportunities

TO LINK àIndustrial waste generators, potential users & recyclers

TO IMPROVE àCross-industry resource efficiency

TO LAUNCH àEgypt’s first digital waste exchange platform

TO PROMOTE àThe development of new innovative SMEs

TO CONTRIBUTEà To the development of policy measures for regulating and monitoring the industrial waste exchange market

TO REDUCE àThe environmental impact of industrial waste


Project Outputs and Results:

Output 1: Industrial Waste Mapping inventory

Output 2: Industrial Waste database

Output 3: Report on existing regulations and legislations local laws

Output 4: Report on Best practices produced

Output 5: Policy briefs produced

Output 6:  Awareness seminars with stakeholders undertaken

Output 7: Marketing campaign undertaken

Output 8: Participants in study tours

Output 9: Integrated waste management stakeholders trained

Output 10: People trained in green entrepreneurship

Output 11:  Number of participants in awareness raising activities

Output 12: Jobs created

Output 13: Green entrepreneurship Pilot programs operational


Expected Outcomes:

  • Inventory of industrial wastes developed in pilot areas

  • Policy recommendations towards an enabling environment for industrial waste exchange in Egypt

  • Capacity building and raising awareness regarding the industrial waste exchange program 

  • Implementation of demonstration projects.

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