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MED TEST II – Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies in the South Mediterranean Region under SWITCH-MED Programme.

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About The Project

Project Donor:

EU through UNIDO

Project Partners:

UNIDO, Enviglobe, EWATEC and E-JUST

Project Duration (Start and End Date)

Started May 2015 and will be ended on July 2017.

Target Sectors:

Food and Chemicals Sector

Project Objectives:

Stimulate the demand and supply of sustainable production services in key manufacturing sectors:

  • Strengthen the national capacities of local service providers, which could offer in the future sustainable production integrated services (TEST approach) to industry on a commercial basis;

  • Complete industry demonstration projects, consisting in the identification and implementation of sustainable production practices and technologies in key sectors.

  • Expose local stakeholders including policy makers to the project’s activities, proving inputs for harmonizing and reinforcing policies, and incentive schemes to support the introduction of resource efficient, clean technologies in industry.


Project Outputs and Results:

  • Firstly, with regards to capacity building, a network of national institutions, service providers, practitioners and consultants have been trained to implement the MED TEST II methodology. 300 companies have been approached in Cairo and Alexandria. In April 2016 alone, 10 local service providers were selected and trained.

  • Secondly, when it comes to industry demonstrations, the project involves the demonstration and implementation of best practices for resource efficiency and integrated management systems. 30 companies from the food and chemicals sectors are being trained in this regard.

  • Thirdly, the project also invests greatly in ensuring the exposure of local policy makers, through ongoing sharing of information and two-way communications. Further, recommendations are provided as needed with the aim of harmonizing and reinforcing policies instruments that ultimately support the introduction of resource efficient and clean technologies in the industry.

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